The idea for this book, and those to follow, came about when my brother was diagnosed with what was to be a short terminal illness.  It was one of those times in life where there was very little I could do to help, and yet I wanted him to feel my love and support.  So I collected together photos I’d taken and paired them with a mindful word to produce a small book.  My intention was to provide him with a creative resource as he faced such uncertainty in his life.  And to let him know I was holding him in mind at times when I couldn’t physically be there with him.  Sadly, his cancer progressed so rapidly, he never saw the book. 

Then came Covid 19, where our mental health has, and continues to be tested, and my question arose again:  what supports and sustains us in life, especially in these times of stress, loss, trauma, transition and uncertainty?  For me, it has always been nature, and the ability to capture those images in a photograph.  And so as part of my journey through grief, I decided to create a pocket sized book containing mindful images for wellbeing that hopes to offer a little support and grounding during such challenging times.     

And so with the support and guidance of Alban Low at Sampson Low Publishing, ‘7 Days of Being’ came about to explore the essence of ‘being’.  The book is simply a suggestion.  By using the images and words, can they resource you in to truly ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’?  Can they connect you with breath so you can be most present in your life?   Do they help you feel more relaxed and aware?  Can they go some way to easing and improving anxiety and depression?  Can they make you smile?  If so, my job is done!     

Title: 7 Days of Being: Mindful Images for Wellbeing.

Published by Sampson Low 2020 (

Paperback.  16 pages.  

Weight 20g.  Dimensions: 105 x 148 x 2mm.  

ISBN: 978-1-912960-66-8

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